Wednesday, July 3, 2019

My Patriotic Poem

(0n) Journeying Well       

Mountain beyond mountain-
all places we must go
Mountain beyond the one I'm climbing
preparing me, you know…
Mountain after mountain
each journey worth the climb
Mountain peak and mountain view
each one special, each one new
Horizon after horizon-
all calling me to push
venturing beyond what is safe
with limit after limit breached
and all upon this dusty foot
Sunset after sunset
with color that never pales
Until I reach my resting place
pressing, I will prevail.
Mountain after mountain peak
and singing all the way
What I see from the valley fair
is calling out to me.
Mountains, limitless mountains
all standing in a row
Like soldiers they remind me of
places I have yet to go.
Glory upon glory
and wonders all around
I stand and gaze on mountain peaks
for this is hallowed ground.
Mountain after mountain peak
and pressing all the way
with story upon story to tell
I must be leaving-on my way.
Fair mountain you are a friend to me
I tuck you near my heart
Calling out to travelers everywhere
to up and run, to leave...depart!
Shake off the dust of yesteryear
And breath in something new
Fair mountain with one hid behind
is calling out to you...

So pack then, lightly friend-
brave travelers alike
And we will feast on mountain airs
on this, our lofty hike.
Soldier on, yes soldier on
and we will greet the day
Standing where our ancestry stood
stalwart, come what may.
Mountain fair, O Mountain friend
to you we rise and sing
all gathered 'round
as children clad
receive this-our offering.
Mountain looming, mountain next
to you we must away
and stand where our tomorrow shines
brighter than our yesterday.
Fair mountain on horizon, towering
you beckon and you call...
I will conquer and upon you stand
for you are fairest of them all!

Arise, O slumbering nations!
Enter into your rest...
Banishing strife and your warring cease
to receive this-our Maker's very best...
For we each are gentle warriors
on this, our Earthly home;
each precious day a gift on display
to unwrap, to discover and to humbly hold.

And treat this one time journey
just like a loving child...
held so sweetly to your breast
never left soiled, tired--undressed
And with a lightness in your step
run free, run brave, and run wild.  

© K. Annie Powell

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Latest Illustrations (December)

Wee Fancy Rabbit

"Ghost Tailor Mouse"

Mr. Tatters Mouse

"In the Dark"

Merry Christmas!!!

(All illustrations from this series are for sale in different formats at the following store!)
Please leave me feedback in regard to the quality and experience when you order. 
I would greatly appreciate it. 



Friday, August 24, 2018

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Wedding cake toppers from the 50's...

 'Before' restoration: 2nd Step Process

'After' (...their new look!)

These dolls (in chalk) are from the 1950's and 
were saved by my mother-in-law Barbara Powell.
Oh, how I do wish she could see them now! 

This post is made in honor of my in-laws, 
Barbara and Leonard Powell. 
Our beloved Leonard, has joined Barbara 
on the other side this Saturday, past.

These dolls, with their newest look, 
will grace the top of the cake this summer, 
on May 27th, 2018 for the wedding of our son, 
Nate and his fiancee, sweet Silver.
The colors have been changed, somewhat, to match 
the upcoming couple and their wedding colors.

(In actuality, they are only 3&3/4 inches tall; 
quite demure and small!)

(Other vintage dolls I have restored 
that are a bit larger wedding cake toppers.)

To Dad:

We love you Leonard. 

We will miss your sweet smile and your ever gentle ways. 
I will sorely and (forever) miss your little wave 
 and your overall way of being...

You graced our household peacefully and with a quiet manner.

My husband will miss so many things...too many to be numbered.
From his report, you made his childhood great.

You were a selfless provider for your family 
nearly all of your days on this earth...
You were a (skilled) worker of wood and we have your table
and your well designed buffet prove it. 
They are lasting and precious memories (in wood) of how you,
 Dad, loved working with your hands. I remember
 the sawdust floor of the last workshop that you had...

You were a gentleman in most all of your ways, Dad 
and yet you asked so little in return from others... 

I know you loved us and you were 
a good and patient father and friend to me.

Thank you for being a part of our lives.

Your daughter-in-law,

In memory of our loving 'Dad' and father
 Leonard Chandler Powell.
Born: May 18th, 1933
Gone to heaven: March 17th, 2018; 8:35 A.M.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Picking out an outfit. :)

The girls are hard at work.


(Working on the doll diorama these days as it has been 
bitterly cold here in Wisconsin. Alas, I *just* 
found out we are due for 6-10 MORE inches 
of snow later this week into the weekend....) *I wish*
that spring had sprung...


Friday, November 17, 2017

Digital Art (Day) :-)

 (Beach) Houses in a Row (FL)

 A Study in Scanning; Psychedelic

 Summer Hay in Boone (NC)

 The Red Barn (Appalachian Hillside, NC)

Les fleurs (in blue, KAnniePowell, acrylic)

Lido (Sarasota, FL) 

Life in the Garden (Boone, NC)

To have a heart
means it will be

My Patriotic Poem

(0n) Journeying Well        Mountain beyond mountain- all places we must go Mountain beyond the one...