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Wedding cake toppers from the 50's...

'Before' restoration

'After' (...their new look!)

These dolls (in chalk) are from the 1950's and  were saved by my mother-in-law Barbara Powell. Oh, how I do wish she could see them now! 
This post is made in honor of my in-laws,  Barbara and Leonard Powell.  Our beloved Leonard, has joined Barbara  on the other side this Saturday, past.
These dolls, with their newest look,  will grace the top of the cake this summer,  on May 27th, 2018 for the wedding of our son,  Nate and his fiancee, sweet Silver. The colors have been changed, somewhat, to match  the upcoming couple and their wedding colors.
(In actuality, they are only 3&3/4 inches tall;  quite demure and small!)

(Other vintage dolls I have restored  that are a bit larger wedding cake toppers.)

To Dad:
We love you Leonard. 
We will miss your sweet smile and your ever gentle ways.  I will sorely and (forever) miss your little wave   and your overall way of being...
You graced our household peacefully and with…

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