Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer FUN

 Yes...a "Stylin" Vintage Beach-going Wardrobe... 

I have a proclivity to find vintage postcards at any and 
all antique shops. I love the coloration and the old time images! 
Here, I pay homage to older day fashions and I wish you all...
"happy summer frolicking(!)"  (to say the least!)

Now, as I have aged (some) I must admit that to cover up  
MORE (and more, as it goes...) gives me security and 
a certain sense of happiness--I am not so much into this color scheme
The avocado green with the rather large yellowy sash and the 
black leggings are, well, yes~~~ just too much. Ladies, do you agree?! 

Although I bet the sands and the sea creatures 
back then were worth the high heels!  
And dang it if she doesn't look happy, though!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Latest (Sewing) Creations...

(O.K; line up girls...Now, 'scrunch' in..."There!" "c-l-i-c-k!")

Dear Blogging friends of mine!
As I have shared with some of you, I am taking part of this 
summer off, blogging (just) 1-2 times per week. I am in the midst 
of finishing up the details of family passing away and I have my 
two older children home, right now. Whew! I am still checking 
blogs periodically for reading (a must do. :-)) Our wee family is 
having a huge estate/rummage sale this very weekend. This kind 
of endeavor is so much WORK. Think of me. The flowers 
are so wonderfully lovely here in the High Country right now... 
The rhododendrons are in bloom--wildly, I might add, everywhere. 

I will try and post some lovely pictures of such and I am visiting a 
garden park, the The Daniel Boone Native Gardens  today. 
As usual lately, though, I am in a crunch for time rather 
than having the ability to kick back and to photograph and 
to then lolly gag (one of my most favorite things to do--
'not doing,' I mean.:-) ) 

I have birds out front in my planter, again.
They (she, I should say..) swoop(s) out briskly when we 
walk out of our front door. I hope that your summers'
are mighty fine, as well, dear friends. Enjoy the weather. 
Savor it when you can!

Bless you one and all.

Louvregirl; still sewing :-
(...when I can, as you can well see!
(and still smilin,'

Life is good.

(Re: the photo; these are dolls that I refurbished 
and/or they came to me without clothing. 
I cleaned them, restyled their hair, and
designed the outfits; necklaces included.  
They are very small! )

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Teary drops slide slow down the gentle sloping of each of her silken petals.
She is wet with the night's rain and the now dense morning dew in drops. 
She is again slick, sleek and ponderously heavy with the water drop drop weight 
as it clings and it slides itself.

Awash in the grayness of the strongly filtered morning light she waits.
Cautious has become her nature, 
as the stem on which she is perched bends and sometimes trembles 
under the heavy weight of all that she is, 
and all that she has become.

© KAnniePowell

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Latest Installment

Brunette in Midnight Blue

(Still sewing....)
"Ta da!"

Here we have for you an 1990's (something) 
(reproduction) brunette (my favorite, actually...) 
Barbie doll in a deep navy evening dress with jet black pumps. 
The dress is made by myself of a sturdy knit polyester fabric 
with a sheen [...used from an old evening gown of mine...
"Ha!" Well done the refurbishing department-
at least; although, I could have used the curtains in 
my bedroom; A.K.A. Scarlett O'Hara. I did get 
immense satisfaction, however, from the actual 
cutting up of an 'old' (but rarely worn) long gown!)]  

I also made a metallic/stretch shawl to match 
the gown and constructed a hand-made choker 
necklace with a clear quartz pendant. Enjoy! 
(This doll is for sale if you might like to know.) 
I will be posting her on eBay (soon.) 
Perhaps I should post on etsy, though?! 
Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. 
Thank you everyone!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Outfit I'm Proud of...

Way Cool
...on you remember, come on...Malibu Barbie! 
Doesn't she just rock! I think so! :-)

O.K. So I am still doing 'small sewing.' Here is an outfit that dates me 
(my latest and my greatest I'm afraid :-) ) But, I 'just can't help myself...' 
I love (love) a homemade halter top and a long jean (split) skirt
Wish that they 'fit' me, though. Oh well. Perhaps...well maybe...I will 
endeavor to shrink myself (down.) :-)
Yours, as always~ 
(This tiny little jean skirt was awfully hard 
to make, I a wantin' you to know!)
Hope that your weekend rocks, friends.
See ya back at it on Monday, though.

Lois Nancy

This artwork is my mother's. It touches my heart.    (So gentle.)   A thoughtful depiction of something sweet, tiny, and cute.   'Wa...