Monday, June 14, 2010

Amazing Wilson Creek Gorge


We did revisit Wilson Creek Gorge this weekend past. We found a shortcut from our house and of course (if you read my lengthy blog about the gnarly gravel mountain road incident...) we took the same way back!

It was a fabulous day. The water in the canyon was clear enough to snorkel; which we did. Visibility was about 10-15 feet. We saw trout and perch fish of all different sizes; some big enough to eat!

The water was about 72-
ish; cool to the skin but absolutely refreshing!! At certain points the water is well over 20 feet deep, however there are shallow wading pools, medium wading pools and even rocks you can jump off of (we are too old for this!!:) )

People slide down the steep rocks (by using ropes to grapple UP) to get in the water. We slid in slowly or very carefully walked in along sandy rock pathways.

We were treated to a large group of
kayakers taking to the waterway as we were leaving! After several swims and a picnic lunch on the humongous rocks...we headed home!
All in all a truly superb day and a very wonderful place to sit, to ponder life, to take in the sights, to people watch and to photograph!
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


  1. Oh, what a blissful day! That rafting stuff looks like a blast! Snorkelling in such a great place must have amazing. Such lovely shots, lg. I'm so glad you found a safe way to visit such a glorious place and to get home without any white knuckling :)

  2. Yes Talon~ you described it so aptly; white knuckling it was! Thank you for visiting! Glad you liked that kayak pics especially!! I did too.

  3. My sister kayaks and keeps wanting me, too - I just keep saying I'll help her out of the water when she returns. I do admire people that do that. And lovely shots, my friend.

  4. Hey Lynn! This water actually looked 'doable' and I am not a kayaker! I suppose it is more difficult or maybe even dangerous after a good rainfall.

  5. I love the hidden Kayakers photo. When I first saw it I hadn't read the text and I couldn't figure it out. That's really cool. It would make a good photo for the "Cranium" game.


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