Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Dedication; (On) Heaven's Boughs

I must fly, she thought
and off she flew--
all this time, she was thinking of you.
I must away, she dreamed
of a place shiny, new
and now she has gone there...
ahead (of me) and you.
dear one,
hold your head high,
for down the road (just a piece)
in the sweet by-and-by...
she stands waiting
with arms
eager (outstretched
and open wide...
to hug
(once again)

your sturdy,

And lofty you will be,
and flying you will go
to the sweet arms of Heavenly God--
to a place, once more,
where together you will trod.
Do not weep for me,
my gentle husband.
Do not weep for us.
We will not be parted
for longer than a moment;
than a glimmer.
United again we will know
the fullness
the wonder
the glory
of a love that blooms
on heaven's boughs.

With love, dedicated to
my mother-in-law,
Barbara Jane Powell
( June 8, 1933 to July 29, 2011.)


  1. Oh lg - that is a lovely tribute. And so true - we will be united with loved ones by and by. (((HUG)))

  2. "We will not be parted
    for longer than a moment;
    than a glimmer." -- those lines are just gorgeous. A stunning poem, so incredibly beautiful. You've made me weep...and made me think of those who have gone before and wait with outstretched arms...

    Wishing I could give you a huge hug, lg. This will have to suffice ((((lg)))))

  3. Dear Lynn and Talon,
    Thank you so much for your very kind words and the nice hugs! I needed to wait and to write something thoughtful to honor her. She was a real writer and song writer/singer. She (even) recorded several records in Nashville with her band as a young (and smashingly foxy) women.

    I might be posting less often for a season. My father-in-law has come to live with us and requires some assistance. I hope to post some of her writings when I get organized and can sort through things.

  4. Oh, lg, I'll really look forward to getting to know your mother-in-law through her writings...

    Your father-in-law is blessed to have all your love and support as he begins a new stage of his life.

    Please take care of you, too, in your crowded days.


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