Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Man on the Moon?

I found...
the man on the moon!
(Just kidding, obviously...!)
But it is...a man on a rock.
And a B-I-G rock!
Again, this is from our travels last weekend. W-a-y
out on a gravel road (in the Appalachian mountains)
I spied this graffiti around a corner bend in the road
drawn out
on a series of rocky ledges very high up.
I thought the
colors were extraordinary against
the iron stained brown and the gray rock. I don't know
who the author(s) are, but it provided some fun
viewing and does make for an unusual photograph.
There is no way for you to appreciate the massive size
of these rocky ledges and subsequent drawings
(but I thought I would try to communicate it to you!)
What can you find??!
For you.
(As always, click to enlarge for detail and effect.)


  1. I love rocks and I think I can see some great steps in the right side of this wall. I'm not sure what type of stone this is, but it looks great. And the graffiti is well worth a few pictures!:-)

  2. Spiderdama! I see that you love rocks from your pic!! You would definitely Love-love to climb on these!!!!!!

  3. I like that big eye! We have artful graffiti like that in Atlanta, too. I was initially dismayed to see it on the rocks, but can see some beauty in it. As long as it doesn't get out of hand, I guess. :)

  4. I'm always shocked at the graffiti in places less visited...seems someone has always been there before. I don't mind pretty stuff, but when it's just tags and such, it annoys the heck out of me :)


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