Friday, August 12, 2011

Oh, to Be a Butterfly

Oh, to be a butterfly
fluttering I go
up and over treetop, flower
winds that take me so
Oh, to be a butterfly
dainty, lithe and trim
lofty breezes are my friend
o're yonder holler rim
Oh, to be a butterfly
up, away I go
red flowers that I know...
My acquaintance is the
bloom standing alone on the hill
My playmate bouncing mountain air-
catch me if you will
Oh, to be a butterfly
yellow black and blue
mosaic floating on the lawn
all fanciful
for you.


  1. What a lovely photo and poem. That must be exactly what it is like being a butterfly. :)

    It's good to see you posting - I know how busy you are right now. I hope all is well.

  2. Beautiful poem, lg. It reads as lyrically as a song. Gorgeous swallowtail shot. I hope all is well :)

    Getting excited for the US Open, but sad that Nadal is out of Rogers Cup :(

  3. A sweet post, and a lovely photo.

  4. lg, your header photo is magical! Stunning!

    Thinking of you and hoping all is well.

  5. i can feel freedom in this poem and the lovely photo too. hope you are well :D

  6. Lynn, Thank you so much. I am late on posting but reading some nevertheless :-) Thank you, friend.

    Talon~ We have a butterfly bush out front that is quite the rage. I hope I get the chance to watch some of the U.S. Open also. I will try and comment on it to you!

    Rosie, Thank you so much for stopping by! I am glad you liked the post. I will check out your blog also :-) Welcome.

    Thank you sweet one. I was seeing myself in the poem. I hope that you saw yourself, also.

  7. Wish I was sometimes..
    Beautiful verses and photo. We do not have that butterfly here.
    Hope you have great days!


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