Thursday, July 12, 2012

Inventing Soap

I wish I had invented soap
now what a thing to do
each time a person washes clean
those vibes come back to you

I wish I had invented pearls
with luster and with sheen
strung up about the finest of necks
now that would be so keen...

I wish I had invented the car
the plane the fire or the wheel
Each one a miracle (of sort) which 'make' us
all so happy-such a deal

I wish I had invented Tupperware
gravy or some heels
instead of lazing all about or feigning
just spinning my wheels.

[And so I write this poem instead,
my offering to you ( I'll leave it to you to 'invent the wheel' )
...The tread of tires going 'round and 'round
Sweet Jesus--how it feel]
                                                   © K.Annie Powell


  1. I like your poem, lg. :)

    I wish I had invented postit notes.

  2. Hey Lynn! Many thanks, sweet one!

  3. Postit notes...Well, yes---same vein. Ingenious, I agree.

  4. Lynn, I'm going on vacation with my family at the end of next week. Also my (own) camera had to be 'sent in' (for repair.)

    no new pics
    (for me; how SAD!!!)Booo hoo hoo. Hoo hoo.

    It sure is nice (as always) to touch base with you, Lynn.
    How is your summer going, friend?


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