Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Little Imps...

Little Imps

I have no sensibility, when it comes to writing I’m a fool...
Words to me are like little imps
They jump about twist and turn 
They hop and pop and skip
going bump upon each other
They often sit so silently alone and they stare…
and so this poem to you I bring
in the silent dead of night.
Words, to me, they are not friends--
they fill me with fright.

[Just having FUN with words! We have had a lot of fog lately (this is a previously never shared photo) however my camera is 'on the blink' until I get back from my vacation and then some!]

lg :-

...I am hoping that your summer is going along...swimmingly!


  1. I like that story of words. Are you enjoying your summer. It's almost over here. Sandie

  2. Love that fun with words! Hope you have a great vaca, lg!

  3. Chatty Crone, Hi! I am enjoying this summer and I was just thinking about that very thing yesterday. You know how you (can) roll the tape ahead in your head? I was picturing all of the lovely and the lush greenery transformed into the dead of winter! And then I thought...Oh No!!!!!!!!!! :-)

    Lynn~~I am so very glad that you enjoyed this one Lynn! I had fun writing the 'little ditty.' Perhaps I will repost it with the photo that I intended when I get my camera back! Look for it! Thanks for the well-wishes (also) Lynn. :-)


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