Sunday, July 8, 2012

She's Too Much...

It's another life, 
just hanging about~
'stylin' (again.) 
Always a girl.
[...Really sweltering in the  
heavy heat, 
here, I'm afraid.
It is fast approaching 90 here 
(we have NO A.C.)
...Wish I was right now sitting 
at the base of my header shot!
The mist would feel 
soooo good.
Hello all. Hope that 
your weekend 
is running along


  1. Those are some happening glasses! Another good job on the Barbie wardrobe.

    I guess you wouldn't normally need AC. Sorry you're hot!

  2. Hey Lynn! Thank you. I loved this (my latest outfit. :-) )Wish I had her 'happening' glasses! Well put, Lynn. So good to hear from you! My camera has to be sent in for repairs sometime this week. It just died! So-I took this with an old one; hence the grainy shot. I will be on vacation for a few weeks coming up; so I will be checking in (at best.)
    Hope your summer is swell, Lynn!


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