Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Photos of Late...

Top: On our journey up into Virginia 
(for my husband's Birthday drive this weekend, 
past) we spotted this lovely salmon church door 
with black wrought iron hinges (love-love that :-))
Middle: Upon returning home the mountain 
next to our house had this lovely, vivid rainbow atop it! 
Bottom: ...And I am (still) refurbishing vintage dolls. 
Here is my latest: Gentle Midge (all decked out!)

Hi y'all!


  1. Look at Midge, all glammed up!

    That door has a story all its own - gorgeous. The things it has seen - joy, sadness, turmoil, deep and abiding faith.

    Ah - and the rainbow. Lovely.

  2. Your rainbow I have never seen the colors of that before - very pretty.

    And I love love love the red church door!!

  3. Hey Ladies! So very good to hear from you both!


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