Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rocky Cathedral

"A rock pile
ceases to be a rock pile
the moment
 a single man
 contemplates it,
bearing within him
the image of a cathedral. "

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ginger (Bear) goes...

for a ride
She gets carsick for longer distances...
so we are trying alternatives.
Just havin' some fun, here, 
on a windy fall day.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Twenty Two

Twenty Two

1. There are 22 lines on our faces…
2. You have 22 stories to tell.
3. You have twenty two reasons to not clean your room-
4. we have twenty two reasons of ‘whatever’ (for sure) you can bet that it is just as well.
5. Here are twenty two lines filled up with our love.
6. You are twenty two right after Election Day--
7. let’s hope they have a man in the White House before
8. you hobble down the aisle at your own daughter's wedding, indeedy--if'n you will!
9. Beyond what’s going ‘round in our country
10. over the top and down the hill,
11. these 22 years what a blessing they’ve been
12. to call you son
13. now
14. take your pill.
15. Here are 22 tokens of affection
16. and twenty two heap fulls of love, hope, and joy---
17. Dad and I sure do regret not having 22 thousand dollars to buy you
18. a brand new toy.
19. Seriously son-you are heaven
20. toil and a smile for the day
21. thank you for being the person you are--
22! (...a marvelous collection….of your idiosyncrasies…and some pretty major 'brilliancies,' too—all your nuances that we savor;  what a ‘wonder’ we find you…the ‘boy’ that we love, on our couch with hair tousled—you grace us with your presence-do stay.)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

My 2 Cents Worth: Asking the Right


                                                                        (and an 'aside' or two.)

You know, I lay awake thinking thoughts (that turned and twisted some)
 earlier this morning. Ever been like that? 

Caught -in between- the puzzling 'twilight' world of dreamland 
(...even somewhat lengthy and disturbingly 'real' dreams 
that you try and 'figure out;' but can you ever really 
figure them out?) 

As I was 'all over the place' last night,
and I truly was--
I came to 
a realization
of sorts 
(It's my small realization, O.K.?)

[You must admit...even I have a right to that---
as a rapidly advancing 
(and here I do mean rapidly advancing)  
'middle aged,' 
sometimes mild mannered (and quite often, not--
but there, that's enough said about that...)
'stay-at-home "Mom;"' as a wife and as a Mother. 
Tongue in cheek, here, dear Readers....
as I truly believe that Mothers 'run the country.'
However, that, my dear, is an altogether "another subject..."
and one 
definitely not...
for today, 
(mind you.)]

(...Dear Readers, can we agree, 
here, to carry on,  then?

...Yes---here then 
the issue at hand.)

I was thinking 
along the lines of the following...
(for whatever reason, here---it was my reason. 
Never invalidate your own reason

Let me say this again as it bears the hearing--
"Never invalidate your own reason.") 

As I said, 
I was thinking along the lines of the following:

"I need to 'make myself' more invaluable.

Isn't that where blessing and provision come from? 
The fact that you are 
an 'invaluable asset,' of sorts?
That you have some skill or talent, 
that you (alone) produce an item of intrinsic value--
for example, that everyone has need of?

What I am going to say next, I am saying (mainly) to women 
(because I am one, of course.) 
It's advice

Here is the insight I arrived at, then.
(Drum roll, please...) 

This is how we (mainly) 
make ourselves an invaluable asset 
(in life; as a marriage partner, 
as a friend, a company (even) 
and to those we love...
(you get it; and as an aside--even to a nation, for example.) 

How does one make themselves (more and more) 
 It is.......
the right 
Take it at face value...and think about it.

Now, I had to ask myself, what photo do I include with this? 
I chose the above because of its title "Majestic Mountains." 

As an aside, let us choose to believe the very best

Let us put our "best foot forward
(as a beloved Pastor/friend of mine used to say. ) 

Our nation needs us, now.

Let us believe the very best about ourselves, 
about our friends, about our neighbors 
even...our country. 

This is not to say that we are naive.

I believe that we must take the following idiom to heart
to pass the torch on well
Is this important ? 

I think that it is (almost) the only thing that 
has weight; that has true value and that
matters in the scheme of things.

...Believe this, then--the best generation 
is the one that is next to come.


Lois Nancy

This artwork is my mother's. It touches my heart.    (So gentle.)   A thoughtful depiction of something sweet, tiny, and cute.   'Wa...