Monday, January 13, 2014

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  1. What big eyes she has! Love that tiny scarf. :)

  2. Lynn, I crocheted the tiny scarf. Yes, I make small scarves. :-D

  3. Appalachian Lady, This doll is not a vintage doll. She was made in Japan just like the fabulous vintage Barbie doll and Barbie wardrobe though. She has snuck into a collection that I have because of her cuteness and the fact that (fully) articulated (modern) dolls are the rage (and I wanted to have one of them at least in what I collect.)In the blog Vintage Doll I do have a photo of her next to a vintage doll to compare her height/look (specially to a vintage bubble cut Barbie.) I think she is most probably like a vintage Francie doll as she does have a very teen 'youthful' look. Hope that helps. :-)


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