Thursday, February 13, 2014

Winter Storm

This is the look of our surroundings... 
(for you)
of the snowfall that accumulated here overnight. 

Come on along! :-)

What awesome beauty to behold awaits you. 
The snow seems to makes all things new.
It is a balmy 27 degrees outside (so don't be too terribly chilled on your journey.)

[We are supposed to get winds up to 40 mph (!) later today so 
I am most  happy and relieved :-) to capture the stillness and quiet beauty 
of the woods for you before the violent winds come... 
(which I will not be out in~ mind you!)]

The captions for the photos are as follows:
(from the top) 

Pristine Driveway Unaltered
The Way Down the Big Hill
Look to the Left
Snow-snow-snow (on tree)
Logging Path View
The Way Back Home
Ginger Looks Back
No Mountains to Be Found
Fence Line
Wooded Panorama 


(...snowed in until the plow comes.)


  1. It's so gorgeous where you live. I like "Ginger looks back" the most, I think, but they are all beautiful.

  2. We are snowed in too. Beautiful photos. Hope your power stays on.

  3. I know Lynn! It's extraordinary here even in winter! I heart the mountains. :-) Thanks for stopping by and glad you could join me!

  4. Appalachian Lady, Thank you :-) About 4 winters ago we has a truly awful ice storm here and everything broke (no power for four days) so they replaced lines, cut back trees, replaced transformers so we are good to go!

  5. Same here although we had some major melting going on today with highs in the 50s!

  6. NCmountainwomen, Thanks for stopping by! Wonder if this is the last big snowfall of the season??? We should thaw this week, too. :-)


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