Monday, May 12, 2014


until you get the prize.

These are (just) two of about 70+ photos we took of the first hummingbirds to arrive last week. For whatever reason, we did not get good result! Study the first photo (with me.) Now why (oh why!) is the bird feeder absolutely crystal clear in this shot and the hummingbird (except its beak) is an absolute blurrrrr of motion?!! Look at the contrast! This is an amazing shot! (My favorite!!) :-)

The second shot is the best photo (of too many, I might add.) Perhaps the camera would simply not cooperate! Or is it that this bird...was as lightening? (I've seen better shots of lightening, I might add.) 

Hence, we have dubbed this bird, "Lightening Bolt." 

We will persevere to bring you better, clearer shots (as the summer progresses as we have many hummingbird visitors...)  



  1. My parents loved hummingbirds so much - my dad had three or four feeders hanging on the edge of their front porch. They loved to sit and watch them and they recognized different personalities, so they gave them names, too. I remember one being named "Bully" and another being named "Hover." So I love that you worked so hard getting those photos - I love that action shot, too! Great name for that wee one, too.

    I hung my first feeder up this weekend (coincidentally) - it's a gorgeous one, red etched glass. They haven't found it yet, but I positioned it so I can see it from my sofa. :)

  2. I know or have read a lot of those birds and they are mighty hard workers for sure. And they do persevere just like we are supposed to. sandie

  3. That is a beautiful hummingbird feeder. We've had them around now for several weeks.


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