Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Finished! Antique wedding kewpie (porcelain) dolls for Marge P.

I have been working on this project for a bit! 
These are antique porcelain kewpie wedding cake topper dolls 
that have been restored. The shiny satin fabric is from 
my great Aunt Helen's wedding dress! 

Below is a 'before' photo!

lg :)


  1. So cute! How long have you had them before restoring?

  2. Well...my Mother's (she is 81) Aunt Helen (she has passed away) had them on her wedding cake. They are porcelain kewpie doll's from the 1930's (or 20's?) My cousin (Helen's daughter) brought them to me to restore. :) I have restored one other set like this (my own Mother's dolls but I believe they were also on my Grandmother's wedding cake) and they were featured in my sister's son's wedding this past summer. They were very similar dolls but not as intricately restored. Thank you for asking, Lynn. :)

  3. The restorations are amazing. You do great work. But I so love vintage I believe I would want the originals on my wedding cake:-)


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