Friday, June 23, 2017

A Thousand Small Jobs...

So much of my time
is 'frittered away...'

with a thousand
small jobs...

Load and unload.
Refill the soap containers.
Refill the salt.
Wipe the floor.
Shut the door.

Let the dog in.
Refill my phone.
Trim my nails then
wash my hair...
Wash (and re-wash) my clothes...
Give the cats water.
Feed the lizard, Wrastle
and sift through his sand...

Then, the god-awful
cat pan.



  1. What, then, are your 'thousand small jobs?'

  2. Daily devotional, read blogs, search Facebook, feed dogs, feed cats, feed guinea fowl, vacuum, clean kitchen, exercise, and that is all before 8:00:-)

    1. Grannie Annie, Well, at least you got some reading in there!!! Well done

  3. Frittering...that always reminds me of the song "Trouble in River City" from "The Music Man".
    EVERYTHING reminds me of a song!
    The cat litter job is never ending.

  4. It is just like that, isn't it?

    1. Lynn! So glad to 'see' you here! Yes, it surely is. I think about it a lot...(about the mundane things we do...over and over and then yet again!) :D


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