Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Food for thought (today.)

March 3~
Dear Reader,
Not much interests me (these days) in the way of writing or thought. But this did.

"They get bogged down in satisfying others’ often divergent criteria rather than enjoying the process and looking inside themselves for answers. Giving them space to reflect on their project and its meaning for them rekindles their self-belief and often reveals possibilities to them; ideas can surface that enable them to produce work that surprises themselves. Often too, the difference between a seemingly ordinary work and an extraordinary work is a small sideways step. ...Recognising that can only happen when people are able to tap into their ~own~ deep resources (1)."

I think that this (quote) refers
to all of life...
Why is it so darn forget who we are?
I must remember
thing :)

Thought I'd share~this thought.
I found it helpful and enlightening.
I think oftentimes
(particularly if you are
'raised' to color in between
the lines~ like I was...)
that the small sidestep
(the author is referring to)
is often mistaken for a misstep.
But its really not.
What are your thoughts (on this?)
And thanks for dropping by.

(punctuation and italics mine;)...
(1) Quote by David
McGrail; " David
is a designer 'with a passion for
calligraphy’ (his words exactly),"
living and working in Dublin, Ireland;
referring to his students at Dun

College of Art; taken
from an interview published
@ calligraffiablog.]


  1. I've always been the type to color outside the lines so this is making me think if I was told I wasn't allowed to when I was growing up, would I be a completely different person creatively? You've given me food for thought, lg!

  2. I do recognize the wisdom in this quote, and resonate with his description. I still struggle with the "pleaser" aspect of my personality, which tends to sabotage artistic efforts if it sees them as upsetting anyone important to me or violating any strong cultural taboos. Still, I'm getting better at recognizing with time that I'm only responsible for me and my reactions to things and cannot take on others' imaginary or perceived responses to my choices.

    You are so right, it is hard to find ourselves and not forget. :)

  3. Yes Meredith. People pleasing is like a virus in the sense that if you're brought up always 'caving' to the needs of others, always bending, always responding...where do you draw then line and honor the so-called beating of your own drum? If you 'strike out on your own' it doesn't always make others happy. I think (culturally speaking)women struggle with this more than men.


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