Thursday, March 11, 2010

March up on the Mountain

Today I rushed outside
to photograph
the lovely full mountain
mist that hung like
a shroud deep and dense
upon our mountain.
It visits us often.
It creeps up.
It is so thick that
it fogs my camera in
strange spot-like ways
and it can spook the dog.

The fog has a quieting~
generating effect...
upon my soul.
And I love it often.


  1. I love the photos and I love how mist wraps around...everything is hushed, but also clearer at the same time.

  2. Excellent description :) Yes~ it settles in and envelops all. Fog is charming~ when driving~~alarming! :)

  3. Hello Louvregirl - I have come by to visit via Talon's blog. What lovely photography! You are in North Carolina? I vacation in Hayesville, NC quite often and also visit my aunt and uncle in Franklin.

  4. Yes Lynn,
    We are in the Appalachian Mountains in the far west and toward the north in N.C; just 13 miles from Tennessee! I think that Franklin is just about 3 hours south of us. It's lovely country~
    yes? :)

  5. Hi Lourve Girl thanks for the comment on my blog. Beautiful country side you live in I especially love your last fog shot. Stunning.

  6. Thank you Candice. I especially love your photography also...and was taken by the pics of "the maze town of Lower Crackpot by Brian Inder"
    most recently :)Koodos!


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