Sunday, March 14, 2010

Turning Back

Lakhi knows...
what's best!

"Turn back!"
are her
about the
path we
last year on
most of
our walks.

It is now
due to fallen
tree limbs :(
that mainly
occurred on
a single day;
the now infamous
Christmas day

ice storm of 2009.
We awoke to
crackling popping
noises echoing
through the woods.

Branches and trees
(even young strong ones)
snapped off from
the early morning,
through the day and
into the night.
The snow has now
thoroughly thawed

better allowing us to
venture out and
see first hand
the state of the forest.


  1. Lakhi is so cute! And smart! That definitely looks impassable. It's such a shame what damage ice storms cause. They're scary! It looks like it will be a while before you can enjoy that hiking trail again!

  2. Lakhi looks like a great hiking companion. What a wonderful place to walk, albeit covered with branches on this particular path...


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