Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gentle Morn

I awoke to a gentle, mildly orange colored sky this A.M.
It had snowed last night (about an inch) but it
consisted of frozen little balls that made for a compacted
slick layer of almost sleet. It was still lightly snowing
when I awoke.
With school canceled (as the mountain
are not safe for bus travel when slippery)
I traveled out
(on foot) to capture the color.
Unfortunately, my
camera fogged up due to the
temperature change from the house to the cold, and
the first two
colorful shots were not clear...
Top: Entitled "Can't Get Enough Blue"
[taken on this Saturday (past) road trip.]
Bottom Two: Gentle color from a
February morning. The temps here are
milder now so even though
we had a light snow,

it is still enjoyable out!


  1. We had temps near 30F the last few days and now a sudden dip back in the single digits...and I miss being outside and not being freezing!

    Lovely shots, lg. The mountains and the skies never fail to impress, do they?

  2. Gorgeious shots. I guess I never get up to watch the sunrise. It's getting colder here (20s) after some great days in the 50s. Got the woodstove going again.

  3. That's nice. Will the poor kids have to go to school all summer to make up?


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