Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Haunting Sunrise!

Have you ever seen anything like it?
I found it amazing! Spring/February is such
a month of change and beautiful sky
formations here in the High Country
(I saw some this morning, vast swirling clouds
moving fast over the mountain peaks!) It is

already light out much earlier and the changing
weather patterns, winds and temperatures make
for very beautiful morning scenery if you arise
enough to view it!
I love this shot. My husband
took this.
Double click
to 'enter' the shot
get the full and the awesome
effect it delivers!

have a great and
a very good day,



  1. Wow - that is perfectly glorious, lg!

  2. So stunning! I'm glad your husband shared what must have been an even more amazing view in person!

    We have such pale sunrises here at this time of year that this is even more beautiful to me.

  3. Beautiful. The sky was beautiful last night but I was in town and didn't have my camera with me. Glad


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