Friday, February 25, 2011


Scenic Vacation Spot?

Rainy Spring Flowers

Doves In Hiding

Last night, I was sorting through 'old' photos
and stumbled upon this one at the bottom.
It was late winter (a year previous) and
a group of doves
took to hiding on a
downed tree branch
in our backyard.
Can you count them?

I am (currently) dreaming of spring. The middle shot is of
rainy spring flowers in Morrisville, N.C. (years previous.)
Looking forward to planting myself and waiting
and watching for the blooms to shoot upward!
Yesterday, I saw the single green shoot
of a tulip coming up by a neighbor's hedge
and I had to do a double take!!
It can't be! But I'm most happy about it.

A summertime dream!
(for Talon)


  1. lg, thank you! That header shot is soooo gorgeous! It just looks like a gorgeous summer day coming to a colorful close in the mountains. Just what I needed this snowy morning - yes, more snow here.

    Oh, signs of spring - that's so exciting!

    I counted six mourning doves. What a neat capture - you have good eyes, lg! :) I love how they blend in so perfectly. Nature's remarkable, isn't it?

  2. Talon~ You are so ((welcome.)) Hugs!

    Lynn~ It was in Florida on the gulf. :)

  3. Talon~ I think that there are 8 doves! Some overlap others! :)

  4. I feel too that spring is coming--early for us in the southeast. We have been most fortunate here in southwest Virginia. I will have daffodils blooming soon if the temperature stays warm.

  5. Appalachian Lady...daffodils; hope to see some photos of those! Have a great and a good weekend. Thank you for stopping by!

  6. Thank you HegdeG, glad that you stopped on by!


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