Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Poetic Exercise

An Ode to P.B.

Peanut butter covers all bases

It soothes hunger pangs and sticks smartly

to young children’s faces…

Craving for creaminess it all but erases-


It’s nifty

And it’s fine

It is

the peanut divine.

Tho’ oft not alone

With Jelly atop the throne

Of bagels

And of toast

P.B’s the most-


When payday is ahead, looming far

You search the fridge for a single jar…

On plain saltines, it’s above par-


For sealing letters-

Whoever knew?

It sticks to me

It sticks to you

P.B. shampoo?

No, that won’t do!


Can it stop a leak?

Repair your car?

Ol’ George Washington Carver

Rightfully made it center star.

It took him far…


Has it been

In outer space?

How many starlets sagging faces

Has it graced?

And could it heal

The human race?


P.B. elixir-

It’s on T.V.

P.B. in your gas tank?

It just can’t be!

And that boo boo

There, on your knee…

Just rub



  1. That's funny, lg. :) I like PB and cherry jam, especially on graham crackers.

    My sister heard once that if you put PB in your hair and sat out in the sun, it would streak with blonde. Nope. :)

  2. Ha! Thanks Lynn. It was an assignment for my poetry group meeting tomorrow! Wow. I never heard of PB in the hair; I thought it was hydrogen peroxide... that's what we did! :) Have a great and a very good day Lynn!

  3. lol! That was such a fun read, lg. Who knew PB had so many hidden talents? Oh, and I love that shot of Lakhi :)

  4. Thank you Talon! I am presenting it to fellow poets tomorrow and I do hope that they get a good laugh!
    Lakhi says 'Arf-arf!!'


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