Tuesday, October 25, 2011


We took a trip via Highway 88W
while passing through Creston,
N.C. where we pulled off to venture
into this local artist's country studio and shop!
The colorful 'Quilt' signs and various paintings
she had displayed on the gray barn exterior
made for these great shots (in the early morning light.)
The inside consisted of her studio (Anne Jones)
and an antique/odds and ends shop. We were glad
to enjoy the ambiance, stretch our legs, and get
in some shopping. I do love 'exploring' the myriad of
country shops, artist's niches and stores along all of

our rides in North Carolina, Virginia and in Tennessee.
You never know quite what you will find...
I believe that we live about 13 miles (or so)
from the Tennessee border
(and quite close to
Virginia, as well.)
Enjoy the color here
(click to enlarge for all the
pretty colors to pop...!)


  1. Do you remember the name of that shop? That seems like a good trek to take with sisters. I'd love to have one of those quilt signs for my back porch. Thanks for sharing, lg!

    p.s. I viewed your post at work yesterday and was all set to comment, when duty called. This happens to me a lot - I had one blogger friend email to see if I didn't like her post since I didn't comment. I said the same thing as above. I got interrupted before commenting. :)

  2. Oh Lynn! That's O.K.!
    lg :-)
    I am lucky if i am getting to my blog daily, right now....

  3. Lynn~ Just getting back to you, now. The name of the business is as follows: A & W PropertiesWayne & Anee Jones
    12019 N.C. HWY 88W
    Creston, North Carolina 28615


    I am sure that she would hand make a quilt sign for you, or if you see one that you like on my blog; you could have it altered or sent (as is) to you. Hope it works out. She gave me permission to post the pics and put in a plug for her business. She even saw some of the photos.
    Let me know...:-)


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