Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Color...

taken from the Blue Ridge Parkway, yesterday.
We have rain today and it is too overcast and
cloudy to photograph the gorgeous fall
colors we are currently experiencing.
(click to enlarge...)


  1. It's raining everywhere, I guess. One good thing that came out of the rain yesterday - I missed my walk, but was able to make a pot of soup before Worship committee meeting at 7 last night. It was good to have some of that when I got home.

  2. What kind of soup...Lynn?
    Don't you miss Talon? I (sure)do!

  3. I do miss Talon. Very much.

    The soup. The idea of it started with some leftover wild rice that had been cooked in chicken broth and orange juice. I sauteed some onions and baby bella mushrooms in a little olive oil, added in three cups of chicken broth, the left over rice, some cut up rotisserie chicken, three carrots cut into "coins" and some left over collards that needed cooking or throwing out. I seasoned with a lot of freshly ground black pepper and some tarragon. So good!

  4. Oh. That soup sounds good. And healthy!


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