Fall Color

Subtle Mauves and Browns

Yellow Forest

Not So Subtle Red


  1. That red tree is glorious! What is the plant in that first photo? It almost looks like a hydrangea.

  2. Lynn~ I think it is a hydrangea but it is a row of old (cream white) ones along a mountain path across from my house. Glad you like the red tree Lynn! This weekend past was the peak of our season and I was unable to get out and about to really really gather photos :-( If it gets sunny today I might be able to get up to the Blue Ridge.
    (hugs Lynn...)

  3. Wonderful light in your yellow forest. The colors of autumn is great:-)

  4. I'm glad my sister got to be in the NC mountains for peak season - she is there with her best friend until tomorrow. Love the fall colors.


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