Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Color

Subtle Mauves and Browns

Yellow Forest

Not So Subtle Red


  1. That red tree is glorious! What is the plant in that first photo? It almost looks like a hydrangea.

  2. Lynn~ I think it is a hydrangea but it is a row of old (cream white) ones along a mountain path across from my house. Glad you like the red tree Lynn! This weekend past was the peak of our season and I was unable to get out and about to really really gather photos :-( If it gets sunny today I might be able to get up to the Blue Ridge.
    (hugs Lynn...)

  3. Wonderful light in your yellow forest. The colors of autumn is great:-)

  4. I'm glad my sister got to be in the NC mountains for peak season - she is there with her best friend until tomorrow. Love the fall colors.


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