Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hillside Mosaic

I have enjoyed fall here.
The colors (weekend last, especially)
have been vibrant and exploding!
Check out the bottom two photos enlarged.
Seeing an entire mountainside covered in
such a mosaic of color was downright overwhelming.
It was like being Alice in a storybook.
Driving the many winding roads through the mottled
sunlight under a canopy of color I will not
(easily) forget! Oh what a truly
marvelous fall it was, here.


  1. Whoa is right! This is one season I have to see for myself. You live in the midst of beauty.
    Hope to see more of your photos in Beautiful World.

  2. So gorgeous! I'm glad you can get out and enjoy it, lg.

    The woods behind my place in Atlanta are still green, but I do notice some skimpiness in the leaves and a lot of brown leaves blowing around.


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