Monday, October 24, 2011

White Duck

I liked this photo of a white duck upon muddy water
(although it did not come out as clear as I had hoped
thus the a last ditch effort to save
the subject matter and the form of the pic;
which I did like.) Ducks are hard hard to
capture as they flit back and forth so. Just when you
think you have them in a frame...they move out.
And if you try and think ahead to frame them,
they never go just where you think they are
going to go! (Taken on a muddy river in
Damascus, Virginia by the Old Mill Inn this
past Saturday.) This is a great place to go if you like
a casual bike ride. They shuttle you up into the mountains
via van and have a GREAT bike trail for miles of
sailing down through the mountains. It is a very
popular thing to do in Damascus judging by the
scads of people riding down the trail. As an aside....for any
of my
readers...if you did hear that it snowed in the
mountains in North Carolina well; that was
surely not the case here! It is supposed to
reach 62 degrees here all week
(and we are at 4000 feet.)
Happy, blessed Monday folks!

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  1. It was a blessed Monday and quite beautiful here. It was 70 degrees - not a cloud in the sky.

    Your duck friend looks beautiful on the muddy water.


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