Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I know, I know...

 Tender Pink (Paper Thin)Azaleas Out Front 
(before the 'so far 2 day storm...')

...I 'should have' gotten you a photo of the snow falling yesterday, 
and how it stuck on the top of the picnic table (where Ginger stands) 
and in the troughs of the garden, BUT I just plain wimped out! 
The winds were blowing up to 45 miles per hour! So, instead I mainly 
stayed inside (aside from 3 car trips and a down filled jacket out.) 
O.K., I just couldn't force myself to go out in that wind!

What is it about a month of weather in the 60's that turns one into 
a wimp? I hated that blowing wind yesterday.

It is morning and it is supposed to WARM UP today.

I have been thinking about photographing, for you, how we 
wrapped up all of our plants in blankets with clothespins, and cut up 
sheets and put them down in strips, with rocks to hold them...and how 
my husband tore apart a bale of golden hay and sprinkled it (wet) all over 
our tiny, budding plants. It remains to be seen, as the wind is still howling, 
just how our young plantings fared in a freeze....
(Never plant until mid May; is that our lesson, 
here, I am left to wonder at this point??!)
Of course, dear reader, you will be the first to know
...just how our garden survives. I think the tops of 
my rose bushes were crispy, however. :-(  

Today's Pics:

Indoor shot: My Husband's Secret Recipe (fresh out of the oven):  
Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread; very g-o-o-d! Sink your teeth in! :-)


  1. It was very windy in Atlanta yesterday, too. (See my blog post for a residual result of the wind.)

    That cornbread looks amazing! I'd spread some real butter on that. :)

  2. I think it is hard to go out in the cold after such a warm summer! 45 mph is windy. I live near Lynn. And that cornbread is yummy.

    PS Just a little heads up - do you know you have word verification on? They changed the way to see words and it is hard to read sometimes. Hope you don't mind me telling you. Love,sandie

  3. Lynn~ Yes, you are so right. Butter is the thing. I wad it on. Surprised it was windy by you, as well, though!

    sandie :-)
    No, I 'hate' that word verif. too! Sometimes i have to change it 3-4 times before I can decipher the dang thing!
    I will try and turn it off on my blog, however it is not 'taking' at the moment!

    Let me know!
    louvregirl in the wind.

  4. Mm, looks good!!
    It is nice Spring weather here in south Norway:-)

    Happy week to you!

  5. Hope the jalapenos will warm you up!


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