Friday, April 27, 2012


O.K., so I am an incurable romantic, I suppose...
This morning the skies were awash in watercolor!
(What a glorious glimpse of a gentle spring 
(wet, with low lighting) morning!)

(I apologize for the sparse blogging this week! 
I am currently having problems with 
my uploading of photos (so slow-slow-slow)
and hope to have this worked out! )


  1. That IS a dreamy view. Just lovely.

    You know - I have Internet Explorer at home and the uploading to blogger is very slow.

    It goes much faster at work, where I use Mozilla Firefox as my browser. I wonder if that one is more compatible with Blogger?

  2. Lynn! I have Mozilla Firefox as my browser. We have been having problems with me falling off our wireless and being picked up by At&T (hardwire) which is very slow!

    Also, I have noticed that at certain times blogger itself is very SLOW. The new 'look' it has has also made my uploading slower. Hope it works out or I will have to get up at 4:00A.M. to load photos!


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