Monday, April 16, 2012

Just for Fun...

Sunlight streaming in 
on wet, moist garden
mounds that offer birds sweet


Hair’s (Definitely) the Thing

Teenage daughter wants blue hair.
I don’t like my white hair.
Son appears with brown mop, thick-growing facial hair.
Dad strokes long beard, gray-lamenting “No hair.”
Collie dog hair-everywhere.



  1. Your garden is beautiful, lg!

    I chuckled at all the hair scenarios. I never understand the choices the young people make over hair color. :) My niece has glorious long dark brain hair - like that hair you see in hair commercials. And she started coloring it black! I decided it was best to keep my opinion to myself.

  2. Lynn! You just told me she has brain hair! Ha!
    (I do know you meant brown but it was funny. ;-))


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