Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rainy Day Fun...

The Girls (Top: Vintage!)

Come on
Let's have a doll party!! O.K., O.K. So~I was born in 1958, 
therefore Barbie was a BIG influence in my era (you know~ there weren't 
a whole lot of other choices for us at the time, you see!)
I played with her endlessly (even in snow-lake-puddle diving as the 
Wisconsin winter was melting away, as a girl :-)
She was a lot of FUN

Recently, I asked my 16 year old daughter if she wanted me to 
sell my vintage and antique dolls, or restore them (for her.) 
Of course, she answered "I want (you) to keep them (for me) Mom..."

So, I began, on a very rainy day, this week, to restore them. 
Here are the results on a small baby (antique) sleepy-eyed 
doll that was my Mom's/Aunt's or Grandmother's doll. She had no hair 
(just strands of carrot red but mostly bald) and dirty clothes. 
I am planning to still repair her slightly cracked eyelid and further 
clean her up; also gluing on the sweet wig you see that I ordered 
(I had never ordered a doll wig or any wig before, so this was fraught 
with difficulty for me.) 
Doesn't she look cute, though?
She is still in good shape. I imagine that she is from the 1930's.

Then~~~ there is my early 1960's vintage pony tail-swirl 
Barbie (next in the long polka-dot gown.) She had no clothes and was 
crunched up in a case that was ruining her hair. 
Doesn't she look grand??? 
Yes, I did have many a good day, as a girl, holding her red painted fingernail hand...

Finally ( I couldn't help myself once I did get started...) 
Things are like that, don't you think?
I got a steal of a deal (at Big Lot's) on a reproduction  
(Barbie) doll of her. Apparently, the vintage Barbie pony-tail swirl doll is worth 
quite a lot of money today (as much as $150.00 or so.) 
Who would have 'thunk' it, seriously?!

I hand sewed these gowns (and the stole) for them (O.K., come on!!)
 I have always, always 'wanted' to design clothing. 
And here is (was) my chance! It was great fun and certainly a challenge for me. 
It had been a LONG time since I had even looked at a pattern.... 

I still have work to do on 2 other dolls
I hope you like this trio.

Louvregirlthe 'designer.'


  1. Wow - I am impressed, lg! They are beautiful! I was a Barbie fan, too, but I don't have them anymore. Great job!

    I have a Madame Alexander baby doll in a case - you made me think about it. It's in the depths of a closet.

  2. Lynn~ Yes, I have seen Madame Alexander baby dolls (esp. on the Goodwill website)...people still buy/want them. I think this calls for getting yours out and you know~ a 'bit' of refurbishing, perhaps??

    So very glad that you liked my outfits! The one on the right has a nice sash/tie belt that you couldn't see!

  3. I was born in 1953 and I could shoot myself for giving my Barbie's away! Yours are in beautiful condition! Welcome! sandie

  4. sandie!
    Thank you so much. I read your blog (through Lynn's) and it made me laugh!
    Too dang bad about your Barbies, though!


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