Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Good Morning "Y'all..."

Why Hello All!!

Having arrived back from vacation, I find myself 
busy catching up and tending to my daughter who will be 
returning to High School shortly (and then my son will be back off 
to college!) Our vacation to Milwaukee to see my family was wonderful. 
Here are some tidbits (please forgive occasional clarity 
issues on photos as I am using an old Olympus camera 
until my nice camera returns from repair in about 3 weeks or so...
I am missing my good camera sorely!) 

Top: A beautiful light pink day lily in our front yard is blooming well!

Middle: The front yard wild flowers were calling this morning, 
gently waving in the cool mountain breeze. The bees seemed 
(to me) to be sleeping on my flowers :-)

Bottom: O.K. Barbie is 'stylin' again... :-) Featured here 
on a red-haired vintage bubble cut Barbie doll (I always 
feel like I am commenting on a fashion show at this point :-) ) 
is a tan, fiery red and black silk (bodice) and satin (skirt) 
evening dress with a hand made matching purse (that was hard 
to sew!) As you can see, the doll currently has no shoes as vintage 
Barbie mules are quite expensive!!!!!!! Hence, the shoeless doll! 

Enjoy your day, friends...


  1. I'm so glad you are back - I've missed you!

    I'll starting looking for vintage Barbie shoes at yard sales now. :)

  2. oooooooooh Lynn! Please let me know what you find!
    lg :-)
    Hugs and I missed you too!

  3. You're flowers and your Barbie are beautiful. sandie

  4. Wow G.B. Miller! You're right! What's up with this guy? Methinks that he has W-A-Y tooooo much to say!

    Thank you for your kind sentiments!

  5. G.B Miller, In attempting to delete the guys post I guess that I accidentally deleted your as well. My humble and sincere apologies!

  6. The photos look good to me! Glad you had a nice trip to Milwaukee.

  7. Nice post and wonderful flowers! I've actually never owned a Barbie..

    Hugs from north!


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