Thursday, August 16, 2012

Better With You Than Away

Better With You Than Away

I am like an albatross
laboring to and fro
busy with the needs of the day
building bringing hoisting
then flying up and away
to rush in and down
I carry all that I can.
Soaring toward the sun, blind-is my thrill
wind all about.

I am like a night train
hug the track
I streak by quiet
My load it creaks upon the rail
as I drag on by
and then I am there, gone.

I am as the kite that soars
with string flying
I am a happy song-
an invitation to dance along.

Let’s take our time
Let’s dance a jig
Let’s raise a glass
Let’s wear a wig
A boisterous cry
an outstretched arm,
our chorus raised:
“Come join our song!”

I am better with you than away.


  1. Beautiful poem, lg - you've been busy, haven't you? I've missed you.

  2. I love butterflies and how they struggle to live and they become so beautiful! sandie

  3. Thank you folks. I am 'swamped' with family-related issues, right now.

  4. The butterfly picture is incredible. Thank you for all your photo and poem efforts. They are quite a blessing.

  5. I didn't know you were a poet. sandie


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