Monday, October 29, 2012


Front Yard (Snow) Fingers

Front Yard Snow Covered Grass

View Across the Road (My Favorite) :-)

 Side yard (Garden)

Side View on Down... 

O.K. So today (the 29th of October) we had our 
very first snowfall last night. And here it is for you all! 
I thought that it looked great! What is it about 
snow that invigorates so? BUT~~~~my husband 
just told me that they are predicting 80 MPH winds 
for us tonight...WHAT? Surely~~~~you jest. I'll let 
you know what that's like. Scraped the car and 
sent my daughter off to school but we are thinking 
at some point, they will cancel it. We just got most of 
our profuse leaves (and I do mean just piles and piles) 
raked up yesterday and Saturday.


  1. Already? It sure is beautiful. I don't think it has even snowed in Canada yet - Kim hasn't mentioned it.

    You have one of those houses I see off those mountain roads - lovely.

  2. Ah, snow is beautiful, but I am happy to not have it already..
    Picture no 3 is so beautiful!

    Happy week to you:-)

  3. While the snow looks quite lovely, for me it's way too early in the year for snow.


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