Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Heavenly Coffee Cake...

This is my husband's latest take on a recipe straight from the 
'cake place called heaven!' We have a lot of Kuri squash 
(and various squashes here, right now, in the High Country...) 
Accordingly, then, this is a Kuri squash  and homemade 
applesauce coffee cake with a BIG butter crumble 
and sugary glaze on the top! 
My...oh, my
Need I paste a smiley face??
(I should have taken a side view shot of the slice 
itself but I couldn't wait to eat it! 
...Sorry about that!)


Please do...tell.

Lois Nancy

This artwork is my mother's. It touches my heart.    (So gentle.)   A thoughtful depiction of something sweet, tiny, and cute.   'Wa...