"How Dark is the Night?"

How dark is the night
when your baby boy
has left you?
alone on a nubby white bed
he no longer struggles 
but lies out
too puffy
My candle is
snuffed full out.
I cannot comprehend
no warmth in his small fingers
they curl up with the mourners
spread out in the room adjacent
grief stricken silence 
broken only by sobbing
I am 20…
(I am 20)
How dark is the night?

How dark is the night?
A mother sits looking
her head turned aside
leaving her baby to slip
slowly he slides...
downward but looking up 
grimy is the Appalachian 
black water tendrils
as inward they glide along the curve of his skull 
Confused is 
the look 
as farther he sinks
Black water, you lie!
You are a liar
There is no truth in you
How dark is the night?

How dark is the night?
Must I walk these halls alone
with my vision obscured
banging my shins broken now bleeding 
Once vital the helper-now helped
I scratch my head asking
over I turn this
one thing
I ask
How dark is the night?

© Karen Powell


  1. Golly - that almost reads like a novel, lg. Poignant and sad.

  2. Lynn~thank you. It is based on (some) first hand personal experience, some second hand observation of others going through things, and my years of work in the hospital. Thank you for stopping by. I miss you!!! Karen

  3. That was so well done and so tragic and so haunting, lg! And the photo is glorious!

  4. Hey Talon! Thanks so much!!! (W-w-when is tennis???!)

  5. That means a lot coming from you, Talon. :-) Not trying to be 'over-dramatic...' Do you think it's 'just right?'

  6. So powerful and so moving. It really grabbed my heart.

  7. Thank you NC mountainwoman :-) Thank you for stopping by, as well. :-)


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