Friday, March 28, 2014

'Little Birdie'

Little Birdie

I don’t want this poem crafted
with stanzas
or to end with a shocking ‘surprise’

Most certainly I do not want this poem to gob-smack
you right in between your eyes

I want this poem to be like a muzzle that sneaks up behind for a little cuddle 
I want this poem to be soft, feathery, and brown
I want this poem to grow up right from the ground
I want this poem to be lighter than air
I want this poem to float everywhere
I want this poem to sing a sweet little song
I want this poem to just happen along
I want this poem to vanish as you turn your head
I want this poem to greet you as you rise up from your bed
I want this poem to fly fly away 
and to come back at the end of the day 
I want this poem to give you a thrill
I want this poem to meet you over there on the hill
and if you're in doubt the same time next year
I want this poem to reappear.

© Karen Ann Powell


  1. Oh - I love that, lg. And I love the bird's intent little face!

  2. lg, I love the expression on the bird's face. And I love the ode. :)

    Usually, for quality prints, you want 300 PPI.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Sorry, I accidentally double-clicked my original comment.

  5. Talon~I do not think you could generate a 'delete-worthy' comment! Oh no! Sweet one :-)Thank you for being my friend. :-)

  6. Lynn~You know, I was thinking of you (and some family-friend others) when I wrote this little poem. I am so glad that you found it refreshing!
    lg :-)

    My pc is too small-too dark to see the little bird's face! Darn it!!!
    I trust what you have to say, though. :-) That's an additional perk-that the little bird looks good. I thought the shadow that he sits in (on my pc) suits the poem :-)

  7. A nice poem that goes with the cute bird at your window. I too had a bird, Northern Cardinal, at our window all winter. But, he didn't bother me as his pecking was not loud and constant.

  8. Fixed 'want' in the first line; thanks :-) Sorry 'bout that! Hate typos!!!!!!!!!


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