Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Perfectly Appointed

I don't know why I am (as of late) obsessed with how to (properly) set a table, but it could be because the last time I did this with my 20-something year old daughter, she 'scoffed' at the need to put things where they go! I got the "Oh, Mom!"

It could be, too, because I AM PAYING someone outrageous money to set me a table for 'HIGH Tea' this coming weekend (that's another story.)

However, it also could be because I take great delight in this final preparatory phase of preparing for company! I 'love' setting the table...I always have.

A well appointed dinner setting...well, quite frankly, turns me on (...by that I mean delights me! It's a '60's' expression that I cannot seem to shake.) I LOVE it (and consequently, I LOVE seeing photos of the myriad of beautiful, exciting new ways to do this thing!)

Of course, when I researched this topic, our dear etiquette expert Martha Stewart had the most excellent reference (along with drawings and detailed explanations) on how to do this very thing. Her link is here and it is worth the read, folks:

Martha's in depth dissertation here :-) 

I believe in giving credit where credit is due! ;-)

So, in my effort to revive this dying art, here is my photo (at least my meager, one example for you, today...as there are many) of a "perfectly appointed table. "

Enjoy! Please take my poll (too!) ;-)

Respond to (on your reply) "Do you think the art of arranging a properly appointed dinner setting for company is a dying one?" Please choose "Yes..."or "No."

Thank you!

Karen :-)


  1. I forgot to add this tidbit on the setting pieces...The setting includes vintage (silver plated) silverware that is mixed (mismatched mixing of items is what I like to do, most.) Some (the small spoon) is from my family's collection (Graf, I think...) and some I procured at (of all places) Goodwill (it is a great place to find vintage silverware and other table setting items to mix and match colors, eras...)! The plate is a simple one, bought years back, at Target. Karen

  2. Oh! I forgot to add (too) the small salmon colored glass is a 1960's vintage 'rock' glass (from the Powell side) etched with gold. Nice. Hard to find, too. Please do share your table settings! Karen

  3. It has been quite a while since I set a fancy table but I certainly know how. Our mother was very strict about placement of dining ware. My daughter now has my sterling flatware and my china and she loves to entertain at every opportunity. Don't think my son paid a lot of attention to our passion and he throws down some paper plates:-) Thanks for your recent visit to my blog and I added your answer to the group.

  4. Granny Annie...thank you for adding my answer. It was not hard to come up with as I think about it everyday! ;-)

  5. Maybe I'll do a table setting post soon. I like that idea. Your setting is lovely and I love that some is mismatched. I like to put my grandmother's silverware with some rustic looking china that I have.

    My mother taught us early on to set a table properly, so when they taught us in Brownie Scouts, my scout leader was so impressed I already knew how. Yes - they did that kind of thing in the 1960s. :)

  6. "My mother taught us early on to set a table properly"
    "...when they taught us in Brownie Scouts"

    Of course, Lynn. I LOVE these concepts. :-) It made me happy! I miss "Home Ec" (in middle school?) too. I hope that they still have that...(but I expect NOT.)

    Karen! Thank you for stopping on by, too! ;-) (((Blessings all around, Lynn!))) !:-)

  7. I love your china! There is something wonderful about a beautifully set table. It can turn even the humblest meal into something worth celebrating. Lynn's comments about the Brownie's brought back memories. I remember teaching my own children how to set a table properly and it's almost a dying art, I think. It's great to bring out the fine china any time and we so often neglect to treat ourselves to our very best.

  8. Thank you Talon. :-) So glad you stopped by today! ;-) I'll check out your link! Are you blogging I am wondering?


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