Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Love Post

Let’s Hold Hands

Let’s hold hands
as we cross the street
Let’s gaze into one another’s eyes
when we meet
Let’s tell our stories
under the starry night sky
You tell me yours
I’ll tell you mine


  1. The red glow of the photo goes so well with these lovely words.

  2. Inspired (probably) by the Beatles, Prince (too,...loved how he constructed his lyrics; simple but profound with impact) and the poem about Kindergarten (in which you learned everything about life that you needed to know.)

  3. Love that shot! And the lovely poem. There is something about the hour before full dark that is just so beautiful. I can't wait to sit out and enjoy some quality sunsets. That's one of my favorite pleasures in the warm weather.

  4. Fantastic image and I see some "greats" helped inspire the poem :)

  5. Margaret, Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate the comment.


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