Wednesday, April 27, 2016

This Poem

This Poem

I don’t want this poem crafted
with stanzas
or to end with a shocking ‘surprise’

Most certainly I do not want this poem to gob-smack
you right in between your eyes

I want this poem to be like a muzzle that sneaks up behind for a little cuddle 
I want this poem to be soft, feathery, and brown
I want this poem to grow right from the ground
I want this poem to be lighter than air
I want this poem to float everywhere
I want this poem to sing a sweet little song
I want this poem to just happen along
I want this poem to vanish as you turn your head
I want this poem to greet you as you rise up from your bed
I want this poem to fly fly away 
and to come back at the end of the day 
I want this poem to give you a thrill
I want this poem to meet you over there on the hill
and if you're in doubt the same time next year
I want this poem to reappear.

© Karen Powell


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. In celebration of spring and of all of the birds 'comings and their goings...' (This is an old poem that went through rehab.) And now it has had a 'born again' experience! ;-/

  3. I like it! How did I miss so many posts? I read and commented on two at home and now taking a break at work - what a treat!

  4. Thank you (so much) Lynn! I will be away this weekend so I thought I'd throw some things onto the blog in advance!!! In trying to resurrect this blog I am doing a lot of re-writes (which is actually FUN.) So glad that you enjoyed this meager offering "This Poem." :-) Sending vibes for a groovy weekend ((( your way))) too! :-) We could use some good weather here!!!! Argggggh. Karen


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