Wednesday, April 27, 2016

(Tongue in cheek) on facing the problematic drudgery in life

Inventing Soap

I wish I had invented soap. Now, what a thing to do
Each time a person washes clean those vibes come back to you…

I wish I had invented pearls that sparkle, sheen and shine
strung up upon those pretty necks. That would be divine!

I wish I had invented the car, the plane or fire or the wheel
Each one of these affords us comfort…What a groovy deal

I wish I had invented Tupperware, gravy or some heels
instead of hanging around like a bat in the dark to digest a meal

Oh, I wish so many things. If I had had more time...
I would make a gadget or two. Now, that would be sublime

Unfortunately, I have to go and fix my nasty hair.
I have to go and wash my clothes; make clean my underwear

I’m pressed by time...I have things to do. Now, I must go away
Inventing soap will have to wait another day.

© Karen Powell


  1. I wish I had invented post-it notes. :)

  2. Good one Lynn! ;-) Thank you for stopping in, too!! ;-) Karen

  3. I am just like you - too buys doing the "day to day" to pursue the genius that lurks within - we all have it - we all have that "a ha" moment when we see a gadget we could (should) have invented :) Cute poem!

  4. Thanks Margaret! Yes, sometimes too busy with the mundane to do what my spirit and my soul might like to do....Thanks for stopping by! Karen ;-)


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