Friday, January 27, 2017

                                                                         Highways without Sidewalks

                                                                         In how many places
                                                                         and cities
                                                                         and neighborhoods
                                                                         and towns
                                                                         must children seek
                                                                         to hide themselves
                                                                         lest they be 
                                                                         cut down?                                                                                        


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    1. Some things stick with you. This is about a stretch of highway where I once lived. It was a highway that linked up to a huge highway that went to a much bigger city. It went past a poor section of neighborhood (where a lot of poorer families lived.) The cars bypassing this poor section to get to the big main highway drove really fast. And there was no sidewalk; nowhere for kids to ride or play or get from point 'A' to point 'B.'. Almost every week (it seemed) someone (new, else) was hit there (by a car) and many were, indeed killed. Nothing was (ever) done about it. Maybe something is done about it now, today. It always stuck in my craw as such an injustice. (Man's inhumanity to man.) I have another poem about my experience, driving by, when a little girl was indeed, killed along this highway (while on her bike.) My (now deceased) BIL treated her in the E.R. All efforts to revive her were not met with success. lg

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