Sunday, January 22, 2017


So, when I was a (younger) girl, my Dad's nickname for me was "Tarnen," pronounced "Tair-nen." :) 

I was (just a bit...) of an instigator; an older sister who was (at times) a bit of a trouble-maker. Yes, I was (well, I could be..) naughty. Yes, I said it. Yes, I did.

A story to prove it.

When I was a girl, we moved a lot. A lot-a lot. So many times that frankly, I cannot (now) tell you home many times moves we made...Like I said, there were a lot (of them.)

I remember sitting in a gym (you know, the kind with the wooden basketball floor.) There were red lines and a big white circle on the floor (at least, I think so. It was a long time...ago, now.) The planks were wood; golden yellow.

During a game of duck-duck-goose, I remember 'spying' a very pretty and petiter-than-me young girl across the way. She had long, beautiful slightly curly dark locks of hair that flounced all around her when she ran. I think they actually kind of flew out floating behind her when she ran. Her curls actually bounced around. And I 'hated' her (for it.) (She was probably very nice.) (Too.) I wouldn't know. I don't think that we stayed (there) long enough for find out. At least I don't think so.

(The blog title should read: "Duck-duck-gooooose!")


This is my 'dramatic' and my 'artistic' rendition. (You can 'click' on it to make it bigger, if you must.)

                                                             (I made it smaller because I am too ashamed to make it big.) :-/
                                                                               (actual event...'somewhere' near Madison.)

I am reminded of a GREAT comic strip (from my childhood) called Goofus & Gallant [from the Highlights Magazine (another super, terrific read, even for adults) from 1948; written by Garry Cleveland Myers and drawn by Anni Matsick.]

Here is a small sample of their instructive and enlightening work:

...and another (because they are so good!)

...and this one, which actually made me...laugh. ( :-O ) Oh dear.  :-O

 (I think that is actually me, on the left...)


( aside, here. Boy, they've gotten really big!)
Ha, ha, ha!!!
Ha, ha!!

(credit for this 'Millennial Edition;' Paste Media Group.)


  1. by Kay G.

    I loved Goofus and GAllant! I saw the humor in them even as a kid, but then, I think I was born an adult. Not bragging just being honest.

    (Kay; I re-posted your comment whilst I was changing blog formats!) Karen :)

  2. Kay G! Good for you Kay! I was (simply) amazed to see ALL of the 'out takes' on dear Goofus and Gallant. Obviously, they have been a huge success! ;-)

    (Kay re-posted for you.)

    lg :)


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