Friday, January 27, 2017

Principles to live by

The Thermians [from the movie Galaxy Quest (one of my all time favorite movies) as they reallly are.] :) (Photo taken from: Alien Species Wiki-Wikia)

1. (I) do (at least) one task (each day) in which I create something new. Each day. (Every day.) Even if it is (just) jotting down a creative or a new (innovative) thought or an idea.

2. I tell myself that if I do not do this (each day, every day) that a part of me (or in the universe as a whole) will shrivel up...and will (surely) die.



  1. I like that - good idea! The world hasn't shriveled up and died yet, so it must be working. :)

  2. Ha ha ha!! Lynn. I 'like' that :) :) :) (Tee hee hee, too.)


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