Monday, October 16, 2017

Doors and more...

Milwaukee, WI

Asheville, NC

Racine, WI

I adore doors.
I've had doors shut in my face.
I lean in doorways (as I am tall.)
I wonder...what door(s) will open [for me (for us) now?]
There is often more to a door...than meets the eye.
I am aging, so now a few of my craggy doors creak.
I have shut some doors. [Some gently and some (at times) not so nicely.]
Jesus said "Behold, I stand at the door and knock..."
I've (almost) never met a doorway that wasn't my friend.
Most (if not all) doorways stand by you.
It's good to know your point of egress (which, most often, is said door.)
One can make a grand entrance, through a door(way) or simply just 'slide' on through...
(As I said) j'adore doors.
I have spent (considerable) time adorning doors.

I like a no nonsense door.
I like frilly doors.
I even like doors in the floor.


  1. I just saw a waaaaaay cool door in the floor of a mill in Cedarburg, WI. Of course, I wanted to open said door and see... 1. What's down there? 2. Where does it lead to? 3. If I could fit.

  2. Very old doors on abandoned homes fill me with wonder. I desire knowing what went on behind those closed doors with the family that lived there.

  3. I love old doors, too. Those are gorgeous.

    My coworker's son got married over the weekend at a farm and she was telling me yesterday that the tables for dinner were old doors propped on stumps.


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