Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Garden of the One Thousand (a Tribute)

Garden of the One Thousand

There are one thousand little the water they fall
and within those one thousand children's voices there is an echo that rings out as they call...
Quicksilver runs fast in the waterfall--along with it some liquid gold
and there is life-giving joy in the water that brings a comfort to one’s very own soul
There is sunlight streaming in the waterfall; much like one thousand glittering gems
and there are twigs and leaves in the waterfall, adorning one thousand twinkling hems
of children’s garments who play in the waterfall, 
as they jump and they dive and they sing
Their hearts beat out wildly in the waterfall--and get me to wondering...
Above, there are one thousand windswept glories, across an ageless and pink summer sky--
and one thousand pulsating stars out at night that shimmer on their course as they pass on by 
And up above it all there is a hollow, with one thousand bubbling streams
that join together to make the waterfall, impractical as it may seem
At the top--there is a tree with one thousand roots that travel on down and then down...
with every twist and turn that they make, they make this--much hallowed ground.
And the dreams of most all are stored up there, and now and again, down they fall--
right from the heavenly altar of the tree through the little waterfall.

© KAnniePowell


  1. Why, this is beautiful! Did you write this yourself? Beautiful photos with the words.

    1. Yes Kay, I did. Thank you so much. :)

    2. I was 'dreaming' by a beautiful, sparkling waterfall in the high Country of the Appalachians (deep down in a hollow.) It seemed as if the rocks (boulders) and water went up...and up....which they did. I imagined at the top, the tree; as if it were in heaven....and down through the heaven(s), the firmament, and through the boulders, the waters and the earth...the children's voices sang. It was my attempt to describe the beauty the exudes from special places that the Lord God created, for us to behold. I like thinking about the link between heaven...and Earth. Karen


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