Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Heavenly View


  1. What a beautiful ruffley flower - an iris, I think. And that second photo - tranquility.

  2. Thank you Lynn :) I'm having terrible problems with my pc loading photos onto my blog too slowly right now; hence I have less photos! Couldn't load them at all yesterday...baaahhh! :( (Need to get it sorted out asap!!! I'm having 'withdrawal' Lynn!)
    Hope that your day is truly wonderful Lynn!

  3. The iris with the droplets on it - that is a stunning shot. And what a gorgeous hue that bloom is! It sings against the pink, doesn't it?

    You must get lost in those beautiful views, lg! Breathtaking!

    I hope you've overcome the technical difficulties and that your PC and the blog are playing nice now!

  4. What beauty surrounds you. Wonderful pictures!


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