Tuesday, April 22, 2014


My husband saw the FIRST hummingbird at the feeder today 
(April 22nd, 2014.) 
This is a most 'sure' sign of impending spring!! 
(I am so glad to have the little guys back.) :-)
These photos are from last summer, however, 
as we have yet to get the feeder up and running! 
(I rather randomly chose some photos from the archives. 
Some are quite good, I was surprised to find.)

I'm excited, as you can tell.
Although they are small, 
they live a dramatic lifestyle!
As these photos show, 
they are such lovely and fierce little creatures... 


  1. Oh, that's so exciting! I love when we see the return of our feathered friends! The hummingbirds don't show up here until June or July...they love the bee balm and dart in and out and ignore the hummingbird feeder completely.

    We have snow showers in the forecast after two mild days. Ugh! Old Man Winter has an amazing grip this year!

  2. Yes Talon, he sure does! Looking forward to tennis, myself!

  3. We have them here now. Because we are so near the escarpment, we get them later than areas north of us. Love your feeder

  4. Wonderful photos. I love hummingbirds - I have hummingbird license plate they have Georgia, mainly as a tribute to my mom and dad, who loved them so.

    I have a dandy feeder and think I might put it out this year.

    Sorry to be late here!

  5. Love the hummingbirds!!! We have about 6-8 different varieties here in So Cal.


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