Saturday, June 14, 2014

Silver Woman

Asheville (NC) Mime

This wonderfully amazing woman was one of my all time favorite subjects 
to photograph. Take a good look at the fabric of her dress, the veins 
and wrinkles on her skin, her buttons...Her face is so smooth and beautiful!
People amaze me! What a delightful thing it was to encounter her in 
Asheville, North Carolina one hot summer afternoon. :-)


  1. She is amazing! I love Asheville - you make me want to go.

    And I got so swamped there for a bit that I got really behind of blog comments, so never commented on some of my post comments. But I was reading them one day and saw your comment about perhaps meeting up when you are traveling - any time you are near Atlanta, just let me know - I'd love to meet up (you mentioned a trip to Wisconsin - seems like ATL would be off the beaten path for that.)

    And the other was about whether I make my own hummingbird nectar - no. I used that box of stuff and mix it with water, mainly because it came with the feeder. I've seen nary a hummingbird since I put it out, but I do change out the nectar, just in case.

  2. Lynn, Thank you for your post and the kind invitation! Not sure of our path up to Wi. yet! If you ever get near Boone, you need to let me know!!!!!


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